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We Provide Landscaping in Southern Ontario

Award-winning solutions for homes and businesses

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We Are Passionate Artists

Since our inception in 1999, Quiet Nature has worked diligently to bring our passionate for landscape design to the customers we serve. We like to think of ourselves as more than landscapers; instead, we're artists, outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, and musicians who strive to create stunning works of art for each and every client. This passionate echoes throughout every project we undertake and has helped satisfy hundreds of clients across Southern Ontario over the course of the past 15 years.

We Are Your Award-Winning Partner

We partner with both home and business owners to create beautiful backyard gardens, entryways, and outdoor living spaces. From stunning patios with functioning outdoor kitchens to ponds, streams, and waterfalls, our innovative, modern designs enhance and complement their surroundings. Our clients choose to work with our team, thanks to our award-winning results, commitment to providing excellent customer service, and dedication to sustainability.

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We Believe in Nature

Perhaps most importantly of all, we believe landscaping in Ontario shouldn't infringe on one of our most valuable resources: nature. We've pioneered techniques like lawn alternative landscaping and zero emissions maintenance to give our clients alternatives to traditional landscape methods that rely on toxic chemicals and dangerous pesticides. We strive to create projects that work hand-in-hand with the environment, rather than causing problems for wildlife. From natural swimming pools that use no chlorine or saltwater to sod alternatives like groundcovers and hardy ornamental grasses, we aim to deliver landscaping solutions that are beautiful and environmentally-friendly.

Learn more about the various services we provide by visiting the pages below. Ready to schedule a consultation for your property? Contact a member of our team for more information: (519)-632-5218.

Landscapes that solve problems

Innovative naturalization techniques for a sustainable future

Native Plant Supply & Installation

Native plant supply and installation form the core of our approach to ecological restoration in Ontario. Our landscape solutions incorporate native plants to make a positive net impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Habitat Feature Construction

Habitat feature construction combats the challenges faced by urban wildlife. We encourage biodiversity through the creation of spaces engineered with the needs of native flora and fauna firmly at the forefront.

Streams, Ponds & Wetlands

Rehabilitating streams, ponds, and wetlands not only adds visual appeal, but these water features also serve a vitally important role in the overall health of urban ecology and storm water management.

Meadow & Grassland Restoration

Meadows and grasslands provide a vibrant alternative to traditional landscaping that demands constant time and attention. Through grassland restoration, we create vibrant spaces to foster ecological health.

Stormwater Management

We utilize an array of stormwater management techniques to capture and treat stormwater, in turn controlling flooding and erosion, while simultaneously maintaining water quality. This helps preserve the health of the ecosystem.

Invasive Species Management

We develop comprehensive control & eradication strategies and use a combination of chemical and mechanical eradication efforts to remove invasive species and allow natural plant life to continue to flourish.

Stunning Landscapes & Satisfied Clients


Giving Back to Mother Nature

"I selected Quiet Nature because I liked the artistic style of their landscapes and the concept of a low maintenance, drought-resistant garden. We've been able to give back to mother nature and have a fabulously beautiful backyard!"

 - Angela
Waterloo, Ontario


The End Result is Beautiful

"We were very pleased with the Butterfly Garden rejuvenation project that Quiet Nature planned and installed for us. The end result is beautiful, within our budget and was created using no power tools."

 - Victoria Lant
Northlake Woods School Council;  Waterloo, Ontario

A Trusted Local Partner

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Our Project Won Three Awards

"Our project won three Landscape Ontario awards! The craftsmanship and quality of our wonderful outdoor living room is superb. Before the project, we rarely spent time outside and now, it’s our second living room!"

 - Steven & Donna
Conestoga, ON


We're In Love With Our Gardens

"We chose Quiet Nature because we liked that they care about the environmental footprint they leave behind. We, and our customers, are in love with the new gardens and we would gladly recommend Quiet Nature to anyone."

 - Samantha Dion
Cedar House Restaurant; Paris, Ontario

Why Choose Quiet Nature?

We Bring Our Passion to Every Project

Whether you're looking for a home patio redesign, meadowland creation, or a natural swimming pond, we bring our passion for great design and environmentally friendly practices to every project. Let our experienced horticulturists and landscape craftsmen bring your vision to life in an exciting and innovative fashion.

Professional Results without the Pollution

The natural beauty of your landscaping shouldn't infringe on the health of its surroundings. Our zero emission maintenance approach uses "people powered" tools and battery-operated equipment to produce fewer emissions and less noise. We produce professional results and your neighbours will love us!

Experience that Truly Counts

Don't entrust your landscaping project to an amateur, but instead choose to work with award-winning landscape designers. We've had the opportunity to partner with hundreds of local home and business owners to create sensational landscapes that are visually appealing and environmentally sensitive.

View Examples of Our Award-Winning Work


From backyard patios to swimming pools, natural gardens, wildflower meadows and so much more, our commitment to delivering exceptional results makes every project truly special. Our award-winning designs reach far beyond the traditional confines of landscaping, thanks to our  dedication to producing work that doesn't compromise on our ideals. 

We believe the beauty of our natural world should be available to everyone, and our innovative designs highlight the versatility of sustainable landscaping. It's a unique strategy that has successfully contributed to the creation of some of our area's most impressive residential backyards, low maintenance gardens, and stunning water features.

Take a few moments to explore our previous work and get inspired for your next landscape design project. 

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